Milo takes crates 60x40 up to 300 kg

There are many production sites where goods are produced and transferred at the end of the production line into the well know plastic bins and crates of 60x40 cm. Our customers who could use Milo are for example manufacturing companies producting injection molded parts, bakeries, distribution centers. Milo shares is fast in picking up goods from a production line and fast in driving to another destination. And Milo clearly saves scarse labour force. Milo has following specifications:

- Maximum speed up to 1.5 m/s

- Max payload 250 kg, up to 2meter high stack

- Integrated roller track for on/off loading of a stack of crates

- Robuste autonomous navigation with the well known BlueBotics ANT

- Optional Fleet management to control up to 100 vehicles from production equipment, ERP, WMS, etc.

- Two lidar sensors for safety ans localization. (Only indoor use in this version. Ask us for outdoor capabilities)