Training AGV Fleetoperator and safety


Our two-day course Fleetoperator gives insight into the general aspects of AGVs for logistics.
Although the course is based on the use of our Packman AGV with Bluebotics control. But the subjects that are discussed are also generally applicable to AGVs from other manufacturers and give your employees in logistics a lot of practical information about the possibilities and attention points to work with AGVs.
In addition, the course is a must for all users of AGVs with BlueBotics navigation.
Topics to be addressed:
  • Introduction Bluebotics system and Packman AGVs
  • Principles of navigation, laser sensors and attention points for optimal use
  • Creating and managing maps and routes
  • Docking stations and Chargers
  • ANTserver (fleet manager) and traffic management
  • Automation and integration with machines
  • Safe deployment AGVs and the role of Fleetoperator
If you have interest on our 2 day training you can indicate your interest here. We will let you know when the next training is scheduled.