Packman PM200 AGVs are easy to adapt to your transportation needs.

Packman AGVs are developed for the harsh industrial environment. The vehicle is resistant to moisture, sand and dust and can easily withstand industrial practice.


The PM200 is our standard solution for industrial logistics for loads up to 150 kg and payload dimensions of 40x60 cm
  • Payloads up to 150 kg
  • Max speed 1.5 m/s (5 km/h)
  • Payloads sizxe up to 40x60 cm
  • +/- 1cm target accuracy at docks with BlueBotics navigation system.
  • Easily adjusted for loads with larger and smaller dimensions and with larger weights. Ask us about the specific possibilities for your transport.
  • Modular concept with 4 mounting pounts on top of the AGV with M6 thread, ethernet, 1x input 1x output and 27V battery supply
  • Several options available like a lift with 5cm stroke, rollertracks and customs docking methods to transfer payloads
  • Integrated safety with bumpers and a safety laser
  • ANTlab is included


The AutoLoader makes 24/7 logistics possible

The autoloader system is designed for use with the Packman AGV.

Both the mobile unit and the fixed unit have their own local controller and are permanently connected via the AGV's WiFi network.
The AutoLoader system can also be used in combination with an Omron Lynx or a MiR.

The system can automatically transfer pallets with dimensions of 30x40 cm or 40x60 cm with a maximum weight of 850 kg per pallet.
The required docking accuracy of the AGV should be better than +/-2 cm, which is easily achievable with the BlueBotics navigation system.

Warning light and sound for crossing traffic

 This unit is one of the many options to place warning signs at crossings. The integrated controller conencts to the Fleet manager. With this unit you can signal to crossing traffic if any AGV is aproaching the crossing area.
  • Very bright LED lights in red, yellow and green. Any combination is possible
  • Horn with 100 db but very short puls.
  • All functions controlled from the map in ANTlab
  • Operational for all vehicles in the fleet.

Fleet manager

The fleet manager of BlueBotics is one of the best systems on the market today to manage multiple vehicle traffic  and mission scheduling. The software runs on a PC with windows. Any WMS that can create an http-string can schedule missions for the Fleet manager.
  • Up to 200 vehicles
  • Accepts missions for a payload from pickup to dropoff from any WMS-system (work planning and scheduling) that can produce a http-string
  • Well documented http-protocol with various examples
  • Shares maps with all vehicles in the fleet
  • Manages traffic on crossings
  • Controls remote I/O at docking stations
  • Can use various methods to schedule missions