Our advice process starts without obligation

AGV's or AMR's (Autonomous Mobile Robots) have existed for years. But thanks to new technology, AMR's are also available for small and medium-sized enterprises.
In Most companies word logistics is done by people. Many professionals who are on a machine or monitor and control processes.
What is there for you as an entrepreneur looking to get started with AMRs. Is there a business case for us?
We are happy to give you advice.

We give you two hours of free advice to explore with you what the opportunities and points of interest are to automate part of your logistics with AMR's.

In addition, we offer paid advice which includes:

  • Inventory of transport needs;
  • Layout of the building, the workstations and the substrate;
  • A limited task analysis of your people involved in logistics;
  • Infrastructure such as WiFi and/or network;
  • Traffic analysis of the different types of transport including people where AMR's should share the floor.

The result of this research is a comprehensive report with feasibility, recommendations and a first indication for a business case.