Our AGV's solve your shortage in skilled labour

Did you know that over 25% of labour time is spent on walking around with good?

No changes in your building needed:

Packman AGVs do not need any changes in your building. They navigate on feautures of the surroundings.

Easy to use:

The system is very easy to deploy in virtually any environment and is also suitable for dynamic logistic environments.


Routes can be adjusted in a jiffy if there are changes in production. The system is easy to use and very reliable.
The biggest advantage of our system is that your employees are delivered in production from the extraction and bringing of materials and semi-finished products.

All in one package:

We take care of the entire integration process from intake and transport analysis up till training and installation.

Easy start, Rent a Robot:

By renting our AGVs you can easily get acquainted with the possibilities in your production without investment.


Here you find more examples on Youtube

Our markets:

Our AGVs are usable invarious branches. The Smart vehicle architecture guarantees customised solutions for virtually any application without high initial costs.

Our approach: